Loftmail, secure and add free e-mail provider. All components of the e-mail system are based on open-source software. Our servers runs on FreeBSD and Ubuntu TLS. No part of the system is based on closed technology, our redundant firewalls run FreeBSD. There is no closed-source system used.

Why Loftmail:

Postfix based e-mail architecture
Technology based on secure FreeBSD and Linux Systems
Only Open Source and Open Standards used
Highest available encryption used
No corporation data mines your e-mail for advertising
When you delete e-mail, it is really deleted
Fastest network used - Verizon
Fast e-mail log deletion
GreyListing and Apache SpamAssasin
Server based Anti-spam filtering
Open Source Anti-virus gateways
Advertisement free web-mail
100MB email attachments
Wireless compatible
Secure PDA's email supported

99.99% network uptime, 99.99% server uptime

Paranoid about Internet security? You don't have to pay with credit card, we have flexible payment options; use Money-Order or Western Union, no one will know who you are, not even us!

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